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About me

Right, time to write down the cheesy about me part right. Is it the whole reason I create a page in the first place right?

Well as already stated; I make stuff.
When I say stuff, I mean stuff. I get ideas from time to time that I have a hard time stopping myself from doing. So I just do them. A lot of what I do might make you think "WHY?". It is mostly because I can. Or because I want to learn something.

I'm currently writing this in Atom in plain HTML because that is the way I want to express myself. I'd prefer markdown so I might switch to markdown and then use javascript to generate the page from the markdown so that if you do not have Js enabled I'll just give you markdown.

I have been a scout for more than 10 years. I think that is something that affects me in everyday life. "The Boy Scout Rule" is something I feel strongly about. Trying to leave the place a bit cleaner than you found it, be it a project at work, a street, someone's life, or the world in general.

I'm also a hacker. When I say hacker I am not thinking of the data security version of that word, breathing and destroying things. I mean, I like to do things with stuff that the stuff was not meant for. Or fix problems in interesting ways, kind of like the British "bodging".

I like to read by the way. Like a loot. If you want to see what I read you can have a look at my Trello book board. (I have not yet written much down on the books I read nor written up the fiction I read, but I intend to [2017.12.20])

I like the date format yyyy.mm.dd, just because it makes it easy to sort files.

About this page

Ok, ok, calm down. You have told me plenty about you. But why should I care? ...and why would you need a site anyways? Uhm, yeah sorry, that was a bit extensivencive. Why I need a site? Need and need. Well, I like to have a place to put projects. I did a book generator related to a cource I did: https://dagfro.de/projects/fuzzy/box-generator/ I made a mobile "app" for a friend to show of a beer style guide: https://dagfro.de/projects/norbrygg/
(I don't really drink beer so please do not ask me more about it than what can be found there)
I guess there are more stuff... But I imagine you get the point. Yeah, yeah I do, thanks for stopping. Ok, so that's the reason, this is the display case for what you do in your free time?. Yeah! That was a really good summary, I should have just said that... I guess it is also partly because it feels like everyone needs to have a webpage. I have the domain and upload stuff here so a friend wanted to show it of to others to market me and then there was a "Hello, World!" page here. Btw, I have to say that your dialog boxes presenting information as it was a conversation is really original, like so 2015. I knew you were gonna comment on that... It was just something I tought of, and was curiouse if I could do. I wrote the dialog before trying so I sure hope so :P


Do you really need an FAQ? No. So... could you make the dialog boxes work? Apparently. As I chouse to make an FAQ in this style. Why is this page designed for 800px? Is that not an old way of doing it? It sure is! But it just so happens that when I splitscreen the page when I work on it. 800px is about the space i get so it is easy for me to develop.